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Deadline to register is June 14, 2024.

Deadline for completed entries to be submitted is June 28, 2024.


$155 per project entered.

Entry Process

There are two steps in the entry process. The first step is registration where you will select your project categories and pay for your entries. The second step is where you will submit information about the project which includes the items below:

  • Project Background Information
    • Project location
    • When the project began
    • When the project was completed
    • Total square footage before
    • Total square footage after
    • Total project cost
    • Project scopes and objectives (225 words or less)
    • Project challenges (225 words or less)
    • Project solutions (225 words or less)
    • Green elements, if any
  • Project Floorplans
  • Project Photos
  • Products and Materials Used
  • Photographer Release Form
  • Entrant/Co-Entrant Release Form

Awards and Recognition

Winning entries will be selected by a panel of experts. Awards are to be made for Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each of the 22 award categories. Judges may elect to award fewer than four awards in a category. They may also make special merit awards. The decisions of the judges are final. 

Winning entries will be featured in the September 2024 issue of QR. Gold award winners in the kitchen and bath categories may also be featured in Kitchen & Bath Design News (a sister publication of QR). All award winners will be recognized with a plaque and a news release, and featured on the QR website (QualifiedRemodeler.com). All entries are also evaluated for possible use in QR editorial features.

Entries will be judged upon all of the following factors:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal
  2. Construction Techniques
  3. Handling of Unusual Situations
  4. Attention to Detail
  5. Functionality of Space
  6. Overall Impression

Create winning entries

Entering an outstanding project is the most important part of winning a QR Master Design Award, but so is presenting that project in its best light. Here are some suggestions to help you make sure your entry meets competition requirements and improves your chances of winning:

1.    Provide complete information.
Make sure you have completed all sections, provided photos and floor/site plans, and that you and the photographer have submitted the release forms. Important: Do not put your name or company name on photos, plans or project descriptions to ensure the judges remain impartial when judging entries. Double-check the entry has been entered under the proper competition category. Each entry must have its own entry sheet even if you are submitting the same project in multiple categories. Any entry missing any information will immediately be disqualified.

2.    Think like a judge.
QR Master Design Award judges review many entries, so make it easy for them by keeping descriptions brief and concise. Your answers for each question should not exceed 225 words. Focus on the best points in your project. The use of bullet points is recommended.

3.    Put a proper value on the project.
Projects placed in a category based on the dollar volume must be valued completely. The project cost must include all your labor and materials, the value of all products and services supplied by the customer or other contractors, materials supplied by the homeowner, and the value of work done by the homeowner. Please note any special circumstances or factors affecting the project value. If the judges deem that the project appears to be more expensive than what is indicated on the entry form, they have the right to disqualify that project.

4.    Include “before” photos.
A big part of the judging is the transformation achieved by the remodel. If at all possible, take photos of what the project looked like before remodeling started. Before photos do not have to be of professional quality, but they should show enough details to help the judges evaluate your accomplishments.

5.    Use professional-quality photos.
Professional-quality photos, in vertical and horizontal shots, of the finished project improves an entry’s chances of winning. If possible, have the finished project photos taken from the same perspective as some of the “before” photos. Before you hire a professional photographer, make sure he or she understands the photos are to be used in a professional competition and that a signed photographer release is mandatory for all entries (even if you took the photos yourself). If you cannot afford a professional photographer, consider hiring a student photographer from a local college. You may submit up to 20 photographs.

6.    Include floor plans and site plans.
If the project involved changes in room layout(s) or configurations, or an addition to the home was made, include before-and-after floor plans to help the judges easily see what changes have been made. Site plans are especially beneficial for categories such as additions, detached structure and whole house. Simplify them by eliminating unnecessary details.

Questions about the competition or entries should be directed to Heidi Riedl, Projects Manager, Heidi@solabrands.com.